How to Determine if KN95 Masks You Are About to Buy Are Real or Fake

by Frank Mash

Today, when many organizations and companies are desperately looking to purchase high-quality KN95 masks, fraudulent activity has been flourishing worldwide, especially in the US.

Many companies claim that their KN95 face masks are FDA approved and go to the full extent to demonstrate their “legitimacy” by displaying FDA logos, showing lists of clients, and many other ways to convince an unsuspected consumer. Unfortunately, even sophisticated buyers become victims of those shady operators.

The best and the only way to determine if the seller is offering you approved KN95 masks or not is to request the name of the manufacturer. The FDA has a list of approved Chinese manufacturers who are authorized to sell their KN95 masks in the US.

Those manufacturers on the approved list have met the FDA standards and are allowed to import KN95 masks into the US. If the manufacturer is not on the FDA list, then those masks are not approved today. Legitimate sellers will provide you with the FDA Certificate as proof.

Some sellers of KN95 masks use the “bait and switch technique” by offering genuinely FDA-approved masks on their websites but place a disclaimer stating that a brand you receive is subject to availability.

The client gets masks of unknown brand and quality but had paid for the FDA-approved ones. It pays off to be knowledgeable and diligent. Purchasing masks from legitimate sources are not that easy nowadays, but Good Radiance Inc is here to accommodate you, your family, or your organization. Use the link to purchase our KN95 masks


Our KN95 face masks have been manufactured to FDA and CE high standards. Our manufacturer (Chengde Technology Co. Ltd) is currently on the FDA’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) approved list for KN95 masks.
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